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ATHENS, Greece – So many protests, so little time.

Sharkey GreeceVideo has surfaced of Chicago Teachers Union Vice President and International Socialist Organization member Jesse Sharkey speaking at an anti-austerity protest in Greece.

Apparently the union has fixed the schools in Chicago and they now have time to globe trot to oppose spending reform. Fifty-four percent graduation rate and a billion dollar budget deficit? No biggie!

The video, reportedly shot by Elias Theodoropoulos, was posted March 2nd.

Sharkey said, complete with awkward interpreter:

The strike was caused by the attempt of the boss to cut teacher pay and link it to student test scores.

The strike was also caused by the terrible conditions in the working class schools in Chicago.

I’m proud to report that after 7 days of strike action, we stopped merit pay.

I’m proud to report that after 7 days of strike, the parents, teachers, students of Chicago stood together for a victory.

Your struggles in Greece are an inspiration to us in the United States. …

We must continue the struggle, continue the fight for our future.



In classic socialist fashion, Sharkey refers to “the struggle” and brandishes “the fist” at the end of his remarks.

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