By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – While the Chicago Teachers Union strike may end soon, it’s clear the union radicals won’t let it end anytime soon. When they return to their classrooms, they’ll bring the strike with them.

A teacher holding a sign that read “I’ve been teaching all week!” told EAG, “What’s been going on this week is a lesson for our schoolkids.” When asked if the students have been learning the values of the teachers and the union, he replied, “I hope so and we’ll only know when we go back into the classroom.”

Another teacher said, “The goal of No Child Left Behind and this reform push is to get rid of public education altogether. If they can privatize it all, then they can control all the interests and there’d be no unions and they can decide what gets taught and what doesn’t. And no critical thinking skills will be taught because they don’t want the poor and the rapidly dwindling middle class and brown people and people who don’t speak English as a first language to have those critical thinking skills because that will eventually – maybe those kids will grow up and make money and take the wealthy elites’ money. It’s a way to maintain their wealthy 1% and keep everybody else down.”

Another giggled when he admitted he was paid by the union to be there.