CHICAGO –  A Chicago Administrative Law Judge admitted that he is dismissing 70% of the red light camera tickets he reviews due to short amber light times.

red light photoAdministrative Law Judge Robert Sussman made the comment to City attorneys on Monday during a red light camera hearing at 400 West Superior, as he dismissed red light camera tickets they were prosecuting due to short yellow times, Mark Wallace of the Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras reports in a press release Tuesday.

“The city needs to get its act together. We’re seeing too many of these,” Sussman said to City attorneys, referring to the short amber light times.

The City of Chicago was represented by four Corporation Council Lawyers, one CDOT Deputy Commissioner and two other representatives to prosecute tickets at Monday’s three hour hearing.

Barnet Fagel, AKA ‘the Red Light Doctor’ was pleased with the outcome. “Administrative Judge Sussman validated everything we’ve been saying about short amber times for the last 5 years,” Fagel Said.

Fagel won the ruling for two motorists who received red light camera tickets at intersections where he was able to prove the yellow light times were too short.

Wallace and fellow activist Don Bransford attended the hearings on behalf of the group and witnessed Judge Sussman’s decision in person.

“Today’s decision is a further confirmation that Chicago’s photo enforcement programs should be abolished immediately,” said Wallace.

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