MUSKEGON, Mich. — Are you aware of any situations in public schools where tax dollars may have been wasted or misused?

runaway_school_spendingWe want to hear about them.

EAGnews is scouring the nation, looking for examples of school waste or fraud, to illustrate the problem and convince more taxpayers to scrutinize what is happening in their local schools.

The existing examples are endless:

  • Near Los Angeles, a high school principal recently spent more than $100,000 on a school credit card over two years, prompting an investigation.
  • In Florida’s Pasco County school district, a recent audit revealed $568,719 in missing items.
  • In California, the Poway school board recently fired the district superintendent for allegedly collecting more than $345,000 in authorized pay over the last several years, and trying to stop an investigation of the issue.
  • For years, the Buffalo, New York has been funding free plastic surgeries for unionized teachers, routinely costing $5 million per year.
  • When Arne Duncan left Chicago Public Schools to become President Obama’s Secretary of Education, he walked away with $50,297 in unused sick day pay.

We know there are many more instances like these out there, and we need your help finding them.

If you are aware of any situations — either through personal knowledge or published local news stories — please email us at [email protected].

Just provide news story links, documents, or any information you have, along with your name (it will be kept confidential), email and phone number.

If we use your example, we’ll send you a $25 gift card!

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