VANCOUVER, Wash. – Two bumbling burglars prompted school lockdowns yesterday after police contend they burglarized a home and possibly stole weapons before one stripped off his pants to make a getaway.

heritagehsClark County Sheriff’s officials put Vancouver, Washington’s Heritage High School and Sifton Elementary School in lockdown Thursday while on a manhunt for a pantless burglar who may or may not have been armed and dangerous, KATU reports.

“The sheriff’s office said there were two men who stole items from a house and they may have taken weapons,” according to the news site. “One man is in custody, but the other man ran, shedding his pants, in an effort to hinder police from tracking him.

“He is being described as a white male with no pants.”

That should certainly narrow it down. Police officials implemented what they described as a “modified lockdown” that essentially kept kids in class during the search. The news site posted the story mid-day, but there is no update on whether students were ever released from school.

Those who read the story had a field day with comical caper.

“When you don’t wear pants it really streamlines the whole getaway process,” Reflect posted.

“’He is being described as a white male with no pants.’ That could describe half the people commenting on this site,” Max Quinn wrote.

“He took his pants off so they couldn’t track him?” Duckinator posted. “Yea it’s pretty hard not to spot the guy without pants in the crowd.”

“I’ll ditch these pants and go unnoticed,” bluetexan commented.

“Insane ….. or …. genius?” Optimistic Atheist posted.

“Has worked so far,” Sneederbunk replied.

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