WALTHAM, Mass. – There’s an exciting opportunity from Brandeis University to report about social justice – as long as you’re not a white male.

It’s all in the name of diversity and inclusion, of course.

Essentially, the Brandeis University Shuster Institute for Investigative Journalism thinks there’s already plenty of white male writers, so they’re instead looking for “journalists of diverse backgrounds – widely recognized as underrepresented ranks of US independent investigative reporters – to report and write important stories about unreported or underreported social justice issues,” according to a university news release.

And the program, a partnership between the Fund for Investigative Journalism and the Ford Foundation, is doling out $10,000 grants to independent journalists who fit its specific profile.

The initial July 27 news release stated “Applications from women and journalists of color working in any type of media – print, audio, video, online – will be considered,” according to The Daily Caller.

Now the news release reads: “Applications that support reporting by diverse journalists, with an emphasis on women and people of color, working in any type of media — print, audio, video, online — will be considered.”

It’s unclear when or why the change was made.

Perhaps because discrimination based on sex is a blatant violation of the Education Amendments Act of 1972.

It’s the second year the program has excluded white males in the name of diversity and social justice.

“Like the previous year, the eligibility for prospective applicants in 2017 restricts white men from any consideration whatsoever,” The Daily Caller reports.

It’s also discriminatory against “undocumented” students.

“Applicants must be U.S. citizens but can be reporting from abroad,” according to the release.

The College Fix reports:

This past January, seven winners were selected to receive $9,000 grants each, with winners seeking to “give a voice to Native Americans,” and report on “law enforcement and criminal justice,” among other topics.

Sandy Bergo, executive director for the Fund for Investigative Journalism, told The College Fix that the Schuster Institute was chosen as the subgrantee for the fellowships with the approval of the Ford Foundation. No university students are eligible to apply, only independent journalists, Bergo said.

The restrictive social justice program follows similar exclusionary events like Columbia University’s no-whites student leadership retreat and the infamous no-whites day at Washington’s Evergreen State University, where white students, faculty and staff were asked to leave campus.


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