MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Someone left a backpack unattended at Biscayne Elementary in Miami Beach, so of course school officials evacuated the building and called in the bomb squad.

backpackevacuationSchool officials at Biscayne Elementary School learned of a backpack left near a fence at the school Thursday afternoon and immediately evacuated the school and placed nearby Lehrman Day School on lockdown, WSVN reports.

Officials also called in the Miami-Dade Police Department’s bomb squad, which apparently thought it best to blow up the bag, according to NBC Miami.

“We activated all emergency personnel. We established a parameter around the backpack,” police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said. “They basically inspected the package and were able to render it safe and determine there was no explosive threat.”

Authorities detonated the backpack while students huddled at a separate location on campus and television helicopters hovered overhead. It turned out to be a normal backpack, with no explosives or other threats inside. Local 10 reports police didn’t reveal what was inside.

“It was kind of creepy at the same time as it was exciting,” student Zoe Valerio told the news site.

Parents were less excited.

“My heart is broken,” parent Paola Rocha told NBC Miami, “I don’t know what happened inside.”

Miami police said students were escorted back into the building around 1:25 p.m. and dismissed at their normal time.

“I’m so happy … my daughter is good, and fine,” Rocha said.

“It’s kind of funny because a policeman said ‘We are alive!’” Valerio said. “He said it at the end and I gave him a high-five and he said that.”

NBC Miami reports the incident is the second time police have responded to a “suspicious” item in the last month.

Many folks who commented about the incident online clearly believe the police response was ridiculous.

“What constitutes a ‘suspicious book bag’ lol. Was it wearing a burka? Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’?” Chris Alvarez posted to Facebook. “Maybe it was sitting alone wearing a hoodie staring at people.”

“The book bag was suspicious because it had actual books inside of it,” Kristy Reese added.

“This just in, Miami zoo evacuated due to suspicious rhino … GTFOH,” Sean Bradshaw wrote.

“My mother is the librarian at the school,” Megan Kendrick posted. “It was terrifying.”

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