DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – School employees better look twice when they take out the trash at Father Lopez Catholic High School.

Surveillance video at the Volusia County, Florida school recently captured a large bear roaming the campus, looking for food.

“There is probably about (another) half a dozen trash bags strewn all over the back of the compound,” school transportation coordinator Roger Reichard, tells Local 6, adding he came “face to face” with the bear the previous day.

“(I) turned around to walk to the building and right there he is. And I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me,” Reichard says.

“He’s awful big, and I’m going, ‘Oh no!’ I just yelled at him (and) pointed at him to go. He looked at me and decided, ‘Well, OK, I guess I better go.’ Having something that big lurking in the woods right behind the school is kind of scary.”

florida bearSchool employees have been seeing evidence of something digging through the trash for the past month in an area “just a few feet” from the bus stop.

Patricio Lapidote, a custodian, took out the trash and the next morning, found it strewn all over the parking lot.

“We found trash all over the place – big trash bags,” Lapidote tells the news station. “A raccoon wouldn’t take it, it has to be something bigger.”

The school tried to secure the dumpsters with wire but that didn’t work.

They’ve now ordered locking dumpsters and have contacted the fish and wildlife service, hoping to do something about the bear.

For now, they’re making loud noises, “hoping” the bear will run away.

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