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Michelle O partnering with Big Food company to promote ‘genetically modified’ food

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It has come to our attention that the source we cited for this story contains inaccurate information. We apologize to our readers for not providing the truth.

There are plenty of accurate stories about Michelle Obama’s school lunch dictates – It’s a disservice to our readers to provide one based on faulty information and for that, we’re sorry.

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Schools cut employee hours to sidestep costly Obamacare regulations

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MONTEVIDEO, Minn. – In the middle of summer, January seems like the distant future to many. But that’s not the case for school superintendents who are already thinking about 2015 – and searching for ways to bring their districts into compliance with the nation’s new health law, commonly known as “Obamacare.”
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Mother: Principal calls family racist over school spirit photo

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa – A high school principal has allegedly smeared a student and his parents as racists after the student posted a picture of himself on social media making a white pride hand gesture. The family says it’s the victim of a giant misunderstanding.
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