PHOENIX – Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne believes public schools would be foolish to remain completely unarmed and vulnerable to violent attacks from unstable people.

nobrainerBut he also believes that arming large numbers of teachers “could create more dangers than it presents.”

So Horne is proposing a compromise. He’s pushing for a new state law that will allow one staffer in each of the state’s schools to carry a gun to defend the building in the event of an emergency.

House Republicans are expected to introduce legislation incorporating Horne’s recommendation in the near future, according to

“The ideal solution would be to have an armed police officer in each school,“ said Horne, who previously served as Arizona’s state school superintendent. “It may not be possible to afford a police officer in every school. In that case, the next best solution is to have one person in the school trained to handle firearms, to handle emergency situations, and possessing a firearm in a secure location.”

Meanwhile, as many as 200 teachers are expected to participate in a concealed weapons course offered by the Utah Shooting Sports Council in West Valley City, Utah, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Participants will be taught how to respond to an attack, disrupt attackers and save lives, the Politico report said.

“We’re trapped. We’re just fish in a barrel,” said Kevin Leatherbarrow, a Utah charter school teacher who is encouraging colleagues to take the free course. “After this shooting, it’s not unreasonable to say we are all looking at this (school security) as ‘we really have a problem.’ It is being brought to our higher-ups and even though (administrators) are saying ‘we are safe,’ the schools are not safe. They’re just not.”

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