By Kyle Olson

HOLLYWOOD, Ca. – With the education-themed movie “Won’t Back Down” set to premiere in theaters across the nation on Friday, politically liberal actors are defending it, while their traditional allies in the teachers unions are ripping it to shreds.

Star Maggie Gyllenhaal – a self-described “progressive liberal” – even suggested that teachers unions need to “shift” to allow improvements in public schools. She told Entertainment Tonight:

“This movie is in support of organized protest and the power that it can have. You can be absolutely supportive of unions in general, which I think have served our country so well, and at the same time believe that there are things inside this particular union that need to shift in order for our children to get the things that they need.”

The movie, deemed “controversial” by ET, has only gained that label because the unions are engaging in a poutfest over the negative publicity. A local teachers union president is portrayed as the villain in the movie, which involves the fictional efforts of a mother and a teacher to convert a failing public school into a charter school through a “parent trigger” law.

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