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EAGnews.org is the flagship website of Education Action Group Foundation, Inc., a national organization headquartered in Michigan. EAG is a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.


Kyle Olson, Publisher; Founder & CEO

Kyle is Publisher of EAGnews.org, a news service dedicated to education reform and school spending research, reporting, analysis and commentary.

He recently appeared in a weekly “Fox & Friends” segment called “The Trouble with Schools” on the Fox News Channel.

His second documentary film is “A Tale of Two Missions,” featuring Juan Williams.  His first book, “Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism,” can be purchased here.

Kyle is a contributor to Townhall.com.

He has made other appearances on Fox Business Network, NPR and MSNBC. Kyle has given scores of interviews on talk radio programs coast to coast. His work has been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

He graduated from Michigan State University in 2001.

While Kyle likes talking politics, he especially likes to talk about his family, as well as his favorite music. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Johnny Cash are at the top of the list. He has attended 24 Bob Dylan shows.

Kyle can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our Perspective

When the government took upon itself the obligation of educating America’s youth, it undertook a serious responsibility that demanded results. In far too many communities across America, the government is woefully failing in that responsibility.

Dismal test scores, out-of-control unsustainable spending, and the ardent defense of adults’ rights have all pushed the government education system to the brink of irrelevance. And worse yet, it’s all having a direct impact on our future ability to compete in the world.

Little is being done about it. Education Action Group Foundation believes the one-size-fits-all, assembly line government school system requires serious reform.

Put the needs of students first. What do students need in order to be successful? A quality teacher in every classroom. Up-to-date teaching methods and supplies.“Quality-blind” layoff rules are an insult to effective teachers.

Put the needs of adults second. During contract time, the fight is invariably about pay, benefits and retirement, not “what policies need to change in order to increase student achievement.

Empower parents to choose the school option that best meets the needs of their children.

State governments should enact reforms to give schools more control over their budgets and personnel decisions.

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Board of Directors

Education Action Group Foundation’s board of directors includes:

Jane Missimer, President
Andrew Marcus, Secretary
Garry Olson, Treasurer
Juan Williams, Director

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7 Responses

  1. CodyGalt says:

    All I see are new school buildings everywhere, the best in lab equipment, lots of substitute teachers doing little, and test scores going down down down.  The more money we spend on ‘education’ the less prepared our kids are for the world of work.  If you can’t ‘do’, you teach, so those folks are going to blindly follow (and pay dues to) anyone who claims they will help them stay employed and get raises.  It is the perfect storm for union organizers.  So lets pass right to work, and then see how many teachers want to give up a big percentage of their pay.

    • CalifSpirit50 says:

      Education was never put in place to produce a “working class” of people, per se.  It was designed to produce a group of forward thinkers to challenge the “status quo” and pave a different road for the future.    It’s obvious that you haven’t been in those new school buildings and talked to the administrators and teachers.  Most school teachers are required to get an advance degree and/or certificate beyond their bachelor’s degree.  It’s a sign of a declining society when the citizens attack the educators and embrace mediocracy.  Do you even know what happened before there were unions?  Workers were exploited by their employers, forcing them to work extra hours, in dangerous situations for the “right to work”.  Do me a favor and look up the origins of the “company store”.  We are competing in a global economy.  Education is less of a training station, but an investment.  Countries like Finland and Norway are forward thinking and tax themselves more to provide the best educated workforce in the world.  Look at all of the other expanding economies and see what they are doing.

      • Mrwilson769 says:

        In spite of my previous comments, your comments are for the most part spot on.  Teachers in a few states are required to have a masters degree by law.  And at the same time a masters degree and for some jobs a PhD is required if a teacher wants to earn a promotion and become an administrator.  And why shouldn’t we expect a teacher to get an advanced degree??  We should never expect mediocrity of our teachers but greatness.

         And the exploitation you are talking about is happening in the charter schools today, and those teachers in addition to working extra hours way beyond the work day are also grossly and sorely underpaid — and I would not be surprised in some instances earning less than private school teachers.  And what is happening in charter schools today should be a poignant reminder of why unions are needed in the education profession.

          The education system does need our best and brightest to go into the profession and cause it to be a respected profession in our nation.  And without that, we are sorely going to be gradually falling behind further and further from the rest of the world.  We need them inspiring the next generation to be great in themselves.

  2. Patriot says:

    Wow, talk about an ignorant moron…!

  3. Patriot says:

    Nedmarrs sounds like a member of the “Willfull Ignorant” which pretty much defines a “commtted liberal ideologue”.

  4. DelawareBlue says:

    Such as Media Matters for America?  Daily Kos? And so on.  Or how about the money that Ed Schultz takes from unions?  Hmm????

  5. CalifSpirit50 says:

    Who will teach our children being “fair and balance” if not Liberal educators?  The definition of liberalism is: [Merriam Webster’s definition, not mine.]  2 a often capitalized : a movement in modern Protestantism emphasizing intellectual liberty and the spiritual and ethical content of Christianity b : a theory in economics emphasizing individual freedom from restraint and usually based on free competition, the self-regulating market, and the gold standard c : a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties; specifically : such a philosophy that considers government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities (as those involving race, gender, or class).  The only brainwashing that I have seen has been in the religious, conservative schools.  Some of them don’t even acknowlege Evolution, but attempt to rewrite history in their own “understandings” about race and economic issues.   Unions were developed to keep workers from being exploited by their employers.  Before unionization, workers/employers were subjected to unsafe environments, long hours, low wages and a host of other wrongs.  I will give you the same advice I gave another blind-capitalists follower:  Look up the term and origins of the “company store”.