From the desk of Kyle Olson

MUSKEGON, Mich. – In five short years, with a staff of only seven employees, Education Action Group Foundation (with its news arm EAGnews) has made a significant contribution to the American school reform and school choice movement.

KyleFoxWhen I started EAG in the bedroom of my home, I had little idea what could be accomplished or how to go about it. But I knew the educational status quo had to change in this country before another generation of students was shortchanged.

So I, along with the colleagues who have joined me over the years, have been focused on challenging the entrenched power of the teachers unions and the educational establishment any way we can.

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We’ve been a constant voice for reform and school choice on the national level, and we’ve led the charge in specific states like Wisconsin and Indiana.

Where do your dollars goFrom time to time we’ve managed to grab headlines, like when we exposed Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis’ personal attacks against U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, or when we’ve exposed numerous school districts (Palm Beach County, Florida; Richmond, Virginia, etc.) for wasting millions of dollars on travel, restaurants, plastic surgery and other unnecessary expenses.

Other times we’ve contributed valuable research and reports that are frequently used as intellectual ammunition for those fighting the entrenched special interests across the nation. One of our reports, on the union health insurance monopoly in Wisconsin, helped change the law and allowed public schools to save millions of dollars.

We have been among the few to track (and issue continuous warnings about) the growing trend of union teachers spreading their radical political philosophies to naïve students across the land.

eagnews.orgMeanwhile, our recently-launched website,, has become a daily clearinghouse for breaking national news regarding teachers unions, school choice and education reform.

Our work is regularly picked up by the Fox News Channel, The Blaze, The Drudge Report as well as more traditional media outlets. Michelle Malkin wrote that we’ve done “invaluable groundwork” in exposing radical agitators involved with Occupy Wall Street and the teachers unions.

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We’re planning several more exciting projects for 2013.

We’re already starting to expand our research into school spending in individual districts, and we plan to address the disturbing practice of unions dominating local elections and handpicking school board members.

handsraisedWe’re expanding our work in Wisconsin to expose the educational establishment and the nutty “cultural sensitivity” training teachers are being subjected to. We also plan to release a series of stories about individual students who have benefitted from the private school voucher program in the Dairy State.

We’ll be releasing a sobering series looking at the growing nightmare of “sextracurricular” activities between teachers and students, and the real cost – both emotional and financial – we all pay. Your eyes will bleed when you see who is protecting and excusing sexually abusive teachers.

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We’re in the midst of discussions to create media partnerships and expand our presence on cable news and talk radio programs.

Our plate is very full – and we’re piling more on – but we can’t do it without your financial support. We’re not a union. We can’t compel anyone to support our work. And we don’t take a dime of taxpayer money.

We can only survive and thrive through voluntary contributions of Americans who see our great country changing (and not for the better) because of “social justice” activists in the classroom pushing their personal political agendas, unsustainable spending habits in public schools, and an entire system that is leaving children unprepared for life.

Will you make a tax-deductible contribution and join our effort? We can’t do it without you.

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