BUFFALO, N.Y. – A Somali student is turning heads at a Buffalo high school where students speak 42 different languages.

somaliswimmerSophomore Sahal Hussein swims on the varsity team for Lafayette High School, where the school’s 580 students speak 42 different languages, just months after the Somali native entered the pool for the first time in September, ABC 6 reports.

“Most of them have never swam before,” swim instructor Abigail Reinhardt told the news site. “He came to me, nervous as can be, ‘I can’t go in the water, I can’t go in the water, Miss. I’ve never been in a pool.’

“He was grabbing on to the gutter, holding on for dear life,” she said. “I can’t do it, I can’t do it.”

But for some reason Hussein set his sights on learning to swim, and progressed quickly enough to join the varsity squad that was recently resurrected by Reinhardt and head coach Dave Carver.

Carver told ABC 6 he was hesitant to include Hussein at first, but soon realized the sophomore was very determined.

“I said, ‘can he swim,’” Carver recalled. “She said, ‘Yeah, but in September he couldn’t.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute. We’re trying to do a varsity team here. He seems like a nice guy, but I don’t want to have him compete against other schools and be embarrassed.’”

“He was here every practice,” he said. “I think every kid … missed at least one. He hasn’t missed any. Since October we’ve seen him every day, five days a week.”

“I’m completely impressed with this guy. He’s amazing. He will swim until 6 o’clock at night if we let him. He doesn’t stop,” Carver said.

McKinley High School swim coach Deb Dourlain told ABC 6 she was shocked by the new swimmer when her team competed against Lafayette High last weekend.

“I’ve been around swimming for quite awhile, and to see this boy swim 10 lengths of the pool with no trouble at all, my jaw just dropped,” she said. “It’s extremely hard to do.”

Dourlain said she felt compelled to praise his performance at the meet.

“He had the biggest smile on his face,” Dourlain said. “He just beamed. He made the whole pool area light up.”

Hussein told the news site there’s nowhere to swim in Somalia, and he’d never even seen an “American pool.” Neither ABC 6 nor News Channel 11 reported any details about when the thriving immigrant arrived, or why he came to the country.

“In my country, they have something, like, river,” Hussein said. “But it’s not swim like American swim. That like a lot of animals. You can’t swim there.”

He said his first few times in the pool freaked him out some.

“When I was jumping in the pool, I think I was feeling like the water was going in my mouth, something like I can’t swim,” he said. “I was thankful for my teacher.”

295 responses to “580 students speak 42 languages at Buffalo, NY high school”

  1. Scull says:

    oh God…do you know what this means?!

    Another Disney/Kevin Costner film ;(

  2. Just curious, but are any of these 42 languages English?

  3. Amy says:

    just think of the coat. how do they teach that?

  4. topperj says:

    That’s nothing, in LA school districts they speak 72 languages, at last count. Welcome to Amerikka.

  5. Herbert_Philbrick says:

    How are the American people benefitted by importing millions of these Third Worlders? That’s the question we never ask. Instead, we assume stupidly that they are entitled to come here.

    • USMC2010 says:

      “We” don’t. Idiot liberals do.

    • ounceoflogic says:

      We get to say we are “diverse” and not racist as our country disappears.

    • Rob Rock says:

      Coward Piven strategy.

    • guest says:

      Apparently teaching one student how to swim was a HUGE success – enough to make the media talk, or is it brag, about how successful massive diversity is even though students can’t communicate with each other or their teachers. But ring the bell – we have a winner, I mean swimmer!!

      • DP says:


      • johnnyangel says:

        Where does it say they can’t communicate with each other, or that they don’t speak english? Why do you think someone who only knows one language is better than someone who speaks 2 or more languages?

    • DP says:


  6. USMC2010 says:

    Tower of Babel. Nice job liberals. Good luck affording 42 teachers who can speak the languages. No wonder blue states are bankrupt (economically and morally).

    Liberalism = an unsustainable, unaffordable, mental disorder.

    • Padre3210 says:

      Common sense suggests that you have a class that teaches English to foreign students, and they ALL attend. Done.

    • Right-wing Realist says:

      “Liberalism” (as we call it today) is a psychological weapon designed by marxists who came up with ways to subvert western civilization in order to force the adoption of communist ideas.

      Frankfurt School of Social Theory. Look it up. When the Nazis gained power most of the researchers of that school fled to America and settled in universities (because a lot of them were jews fleeing Germany). That’s partly why America’s universities are liberal brainwashing camps.

    • DP says:


    • Miccofixico says:

      Liberals/regressives should be publicly horsewhipped until they renounce their stupidity and love for all things evil.

    • Nick says:

      In case you were interested in reality, there are 22 states with budget shortfalls. I’ve handily divided them by who controls the state legislatures.
      Red: WV, OK, KS, AK, NV, AZ, AL, MI, WI, PA
      Blue: VT, CT, RI, DE, HI
      The remainder, VA, IN, WA, ME, MD, MA, IL, are more or less split.

      So, out of states with budget shortfalls, 5 are democrat controlled, 10 are republican, and 7 are split. Of the 7 that are split, VA , WA have democratic governors, the other five have republican governors.

      Your premise is flawed.

      • USMC2010 says:

        So..10 to 5 is evenly split in your world. AND, you call the presence of governors a factor of how a state leans. How about you look at how they vote in the presidential elections. You are cherry picking data. I call that convincing evidence of validity of MY PREMISE. Or, more simply put for you, as a simpleton…they are FACTS. Plus, the 2 states with the HIGHEST DEBTS are BOTH DEMOCRATIC (CA and IL). You are a typical libtard.

  7. Anonymous One says:

    what does 580 students speaking 42 languages have to do with swimming??? This is just a horrible title… STUPID!!! Not even worth reading if you are going to falsely advertise it… You are not a news site…

    • Irene Hinesman says:

      Bit it did get the word out about the Tower of Babel syndrome. Schools were struggling in the early 90s wirh this issue. I was in a master’s degree program with someone else who taught in Connecticut and it’s just gotten worse since then.

      • DP says:


    • whoodoo says:

      What do you expect from the Education Action Group Foundation, Inc? Good rhetoric? That’s a Western cultural thing, the kind of thing the EAGF is trying to do away with in the name “equality”, “social justice”, and “diversity”. Yes, finally, you can have shite for brains and be equal to the best in the land. Vote Democratic for more of the same.

    • twinspeedr says:

      This was written to highlight the ONE lame success story that resulted from this idiotic leftist experiment using 580 young minds as materials. Our publicly schooled kids don’t get enough one-on-one with their teachers already. And then these clowns throw in trying to deal with the language barrier created by 42 different languages!? What a waste of time and educational opportunity.

      Hello Liberals? Yes… just an excerpt from civics 101: A people are cohesive in civil society because of 3 things: common homeland, common language, and common culture. You can live together with people that share at least 2 out of the 3 in common. 1 out of 3 is possible but much more difficult. But, when people live together and share NONE of these things; a cohesive civil society is impossible. ESPECIALLY when one or both sides REFUSES to come to the table to change themselves to integrate.

      The lesson here: do our country a favor and homeschool your kids!

      • 1952rmdg says:

        The real question is–how many of these pro-diversity liberals are sending THEIR children to these schools. I find that those who are the most vocal proponents of this diversity wave, very conveniently DON’T have their children in these schools, but rather educate them privately or live in very affluent, culturally non-diverse suburbs.

        • Laurence Gordon says:

          My children attend a Dual Language Immersion program where they learn both English and Spanish to an academically fluent level. It’s a public school.

          • ExposeDEMLiars says:

            Yes, there are always people that work to improve themselves and their families. So why do we have 42 languages in the school? Why are so many Hispanics illiterate in English? Why isn’t everyone doing for their kids what you are doing for yours?

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            Yeah, it’s a public school. Pretty much you have to apply for admission to it and because there are so many non-Latinos who want to have their children in the program, native Spanish speakers are guaranteed admission to the program. Latinos by and large want their children to learn English as they see it as the gateway to opportunity. Recent immigrants have always been illiterate in English, unless they came from an English speaking country. Not every school district has a program like this.

          • RC says:

            This program is not needed. Period. Kids should only be taught in English on the public dime.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            That’s why these programs do not exist.

          • Irene Hinesman says:

            They are illiterate in their own language to begin with

          • Malcontent2 says:

            That Spanish will come in handy because…English is the main
            language for international business, English is the official language of the worldwide
            Airline industry, English is the main language in IT, English is the main
            language used with our military allies, etc.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            What part of Dual do you not understand?

          • RC says:

            What part of unity do you not understand? Two languages divide the United States as Canada was divided by the Anglo/Franco debacle.

            Wise up.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            I consult for a multi-national company. On the floor of my office building, there are people who speak Italian, Arabic, Hindi, English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. The world is a larger place than your experience of it.

          • RC says:

            Private companies can do as they wish. Our nation is subject to the consent of the governed. I do not consent.

            I do not oppose kids learning other languages, only that they should learn those in college where they have the privilege of paying for such, as our kids did. And, no, this was not a deficiency, as both focused on English which served them quite well in undergrad, grad, and PhD work.

            Besides, two languages divide a nation. A nation is not a grouping of companies.

          • Ishkabibble says:

            We need to mandate that all Americans learn the above-listed languages.

            Especially since the affected people are living here in the United States.

          • DP says:


          • johnnyangel says:

            Really? How soon will this happen? When will pork be banned from our country?

          • DP says:

            barry from honolulu has already banned it from fed prisons…….SURPRISE…NO BBQ FOR THE BROTHERS….

          • Ed Nolan says:

            If they are female, they won’t be in school.

          • RC says:

            Why? Who is paying for the Spanish? And did you ever consider that one language unites, two or more divides.

            You are part of the problem as this nation is being destroyed. If you desire a different language, move to a nation where it is spoken. English is spoken in our nation. A second language can be learned in high school or college.

            By the way, I am bilingual but speak only English in public, in school, and at work. Reason: I believe the country should be united, not divided.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            Your language determines your reality. People who are fluent in more than one language have enhanced cognition.

          • knitct says:

            …does that include computer languages (coding), knitting (form of coding), the language of love & art, etc, etc???

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            It depends on how wholly your cognition is engaged while utilizing the language or language-like structures.

          • 2inthehat says:

            The whole reason for language is communication. If one cannot communicate with it, it is worthless. How many of the students in this school do you think communicate across languages? I’m guessing very few and most, if not all, are likely communicating through English as the only common language — if they’re lucky. In the context of this school, the multiple languages are nothing but an impediment to learning and a cause of slowing the learning pace of those who speak English better than others. These children are not teaching each other their native languages — nor should they be forced to any more than the school should be — and they likely self segregate based on the language(s) they have in common, adding further detriment to learning and integration. People being mixed together and not sharing language is a cause for social exclusion, misunderstanding and fractured societies. To this you might argue “well then, what better reason to learn another language?” To that I say this situation is not an opportunity or a cause for celebration, nor is it a situation from which can be derived any measurable benefit, it is simply symptom of our over generous immigration “policy,” lack of integration by immigrants and the quickening decay of American culture, identity and values — things that are under valued in America.

            That being said, studying a second language can be good for a person. I myself study Egyptian and modern standard Arabic, I read it and write it and can converse on a basic level. It has been a benefit to me. But second language learning should not be thrust upon a community simply because it has been beset with an influx of non-English speakers. The situation in this school is a problem rather than a benefit and is a net loss for the development of the English speaking students.

          • Lamarsky says:

            I agree.
            The group consciousness should be formed in one language in the USA – ENGLISH.
            Only with a common language can the group be able to create unity.

          • RC says:

            That is pure BS. Any main language properly describes reality. Enhanced cognition is baloney cooked up by a soft science, like sociology, etc. The question here is why tax dollars are being spent when our nation is 18.5 trillions in debt. We cannot afford the cost not the division that multiple languages cause.

            How about those desiring a second language take it in college as our kids did? That way, the cost is paid by the family, not the taxpayer.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            The science is not on your side. Why are we buying a new supersonic bomber? Taking a second language in college does not provide the benefit like early language learning does.

          • RC says:

            Again, schools are not part of your company. Understood? Read the Constitution and learn a bit. Send your kids to private schools and you pay for the incremental costs of whatever you desire.

            Buying bombers has nothing to do with this.

          • Laurence Gordon says:

            Buying bombers is also part of the $18.5 trillion debt. Your job creators employ people who pay taxes. People who speak more than one language make more money. People who make more money pay more taxes. Job creators want people who speak more than one language so they can work in international business and export lots of products, lowering the trade deficit. Aren’t you a capitalist?

          • WrkrB says:

            I’ve been in the workforce for 5 decades, mostly in IT and mostly for large multi-national companies. I don’t recall any of my employers offering more money for multi-lingual ability. If anything, they insisted on fluency in English for any prospective employees. Any conference calls held between multiple geographies was held in English. Previous commenters are correct — the language of International business is English. We seem to be headed down an educational path dictated by ‘education leaders’ following the nonsensical notion that if one language is good, lots of them among the same population must be lots better. The biblical story of the Tower of Babel concisely illustrates the result of this adventure.

          • seth says:

            “In 2002, Nobel economics laureate Milton Friedman correctly identified the 1990 H-1B visa program as a “government subsidy” because it allows employers access to imported, highly skilled labor at below-market wage.” ……https://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/nelsong/august-21-2008/foreign-workers-take-jobs-away-skilled-a.html

          • RC says:

            The question is whether you are a patriot or not. Having spent a career in corporate America, it became clear that corporations are not guided by the vision of the Founders nor the Founding Documents.

            If fact, a quick read of The Federalist Papers will indicate what the Founders envisioned for our land. And it was fee enterprise, supported by its own means, not crony capitalism. If corporations want multiple languages, they can pay for them. The way they do this is by offering higher salaries. And, since high school students do not design supersonic bombers, there is plenty of time to Lear another language in college, paid by the student or parents.

            As an aside, our nation has lost much of its manufacturing base because globalists, like you, have supported unfair trade policies like NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, etc.

            Corporations must understand that our nation is a group of sovereign states. Each state is a grouping of voting citizens. The power granted by the states to the central government is limited by the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution and all that is done, at any level, is subject to the consent of the governed, as well.

            Corporations do not vote. If they want changes, they should lobby voters and not Congress directly. That is one of the largest issues today–lobbyists.

            Besides, salaries and employment requirements drive individual decisions and should not drive things like teaching alternate languages, en masse. The content of what is taught is up to the parents, in sum, in each community–not government nor corporations.

            And, yes, we have a say into if and what visas are issued.

            Canada had a major issue with Anglophones and Francophones. We do not need such an issue here.

            One unites. Two divides.

            And, I do not buy your premise. No matter what the tax revenue, the government has near infinite programs and they are not inclined to reduce the deficit nor the national debt. It is foolish to think otherwise.

          • Clive_G says:

            Question is, how many of these ’42 language speakers’ are fluent in English? Is it a Tower of Babel, with each group interacting solely within itself to the exclusion of others, or is it, (as whoever the article would probably have you believe), a group of sophisticated multilingual children conversing in a variety of languages and effortlessly shifting from one to the other?

          • seth says:

            Nothing wrong with learning another language early in life. But our labor participation rate is the lowest that we have ever recorded. How many more immigrants does the country need?

          • Howard Philipson says:

            I cannot fathom these comments. My high school offered French, Spanish, and Latin. All other classes were given in English, as they should have been. It doesn’t matter how many languages the students speak, as long as each is able to learn in English, which is the common language in the USA. Any student who has not literate in English should be immersed in the subject BEFORE taking any other classes. Had I taken Spanish during my high school days, I would actually be able to understand what many folks in public are saying to each other. Regarding the swimming aspect, it is typical of YAHOO to print an inappropriate headline. but at least the article was not an advertisement, which many YAHOO articles actually are. I read tthe first line and then click off when that happens.

          • RC says:

            What is happening is that many schools are forcing kids to take Spanish as early as Kindergarten. I have no objection to a optional language in High School.

            My concern is that our nation is headed toward a confrontation, as in Canada, between two languages.

            One unites. Two divides.

          • Frank says:

            42 languages and just as many interpreters.

          • seth says:

            Each interpreter receiving a nice government check.

          • johnnyangel says:

            Learning bad.

          • RC says:

            Or, bad learning is more like it.

          • Kullikoff says:

            Barack Obama good.

          • dareisay says:


          • Laurence Gordon says:

            I agree.

          • Ishkabibble says:

            ..just 40 other languages to go.

          • Kullikoff says:

            Why don’t you teach them a useful language like French or German?

          • garretso says:

            It may behoove American students to learn Mandarin rather than Spanish. Mandarin being the future language of the ruling class and Spanish being the future language of the American working class.

          • caesar says:

            Why the hell should the taxpayers pay or learn a foreign language?

        • DP says:


      • ExposeDEMLiars says:

        You are correct, but isn’t that the real intention of the left? To breakdown and destroy American society?

      • DP says:


        • Laurence Gordon says:

          No one ever pushes 1 for English unless they are calling the Spanish Consulate. Ellos “marque el numero dos.”

          • RC says:

            There are over 200 languages on Earth. Virtually all of these are represented in our nation. There is a need for assimilation into our culture, flag, culture–not those of immgrants.

          • 2inthehat says:

            Oh boy, that is certainly not true.

          • DP says:

            if u r calling for some gov slop…that is when the 1 button is used…does that make u think….

      • somehistorian says:

        Results just out for schools in NYS on percentage graduation rates…..many schools in NYS are just above 50 percent graduating with high school degrees. ….reason quoted from district:
        “That number includes all students who are placed in alternative education programs”
        What the heck does that mean? Boces & new arrival refugees?

        Indeed, home school your kids if you want them to succeed in life.

      • Brian Sciullo says:

        In New York City it has not been a problem educating children from different countries when english was not their first language. Look at our nation some of the most influential people started as new immigrants and were educated and thrived in New York Public schools.

      • seth says:

        Trump in ’16.

    • ThisChick says:

      Exactly! Journalism is dead.

    • jtisinsc says:

      They are trying to WIN over the Yahoo followers !

    • DP says:


    • RC says:

      Maybe so, but the real question is if our tax dollars are being used to teach in 42 languages. Those coming to this nation must bear the responsibility of learning English, not be accommodated in their native tongue. We are beyond broke and can only afford teaching in one language, English. Same goes for all official business in the nation. We cannot afford multiple languages as Clinton forced upon us when he was president. That EO must be reversed.

    • Paul Casale says:

      I thought the same thing.

    • Jeffrey Gee says:


    • frankie "da scarf" says:

      The swimming was to distract from the incredible negligence of our gov’t, the DOE and the left to even allow this to happen! But then again, maybe all those students speak english too. In any case, we need only real Americans anyway.

  8. phillies210 says:

    Importing people for votes. The DemocRAT party!!!

  9. Herbert_Philbrick says:

    “The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice; and on the love of country, which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family. The opinion advanced in [Jefferson’s] Notes on Virginia is undoubtedly correct, that foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners. They will also entertain opinions on government congenial with those under which they have lived; or if they should be led hither from a preference to ours, how extremely unlikely is it that they will bring with them that temperate love of liberty, so essential to real republicanism?… In the recommendation to admit indiscriminately foreign emigrants of every description to the privileges of American citizens, on their first entrance into our country, there is an attempt to break down every pale which has been erected for the preservation of a national spirit and a national character; and to let in the most powerful means of perverting and corrupting both the one and the other.”
    – Alexander Hamilton”

  10. S Bee says:

    “580 students speak 42 languages” ? Wow they’re smart.

  11. Yuvodka Sharice says:

    WTF does this story have to do about 42 languages? It has to do with some pile of feces “dreamer” puke whining about how “In HIS country” he can’t swim bla bla bla. Go back to your country fat little porker and get the fkkk out of the USA. You have no business being here little savage puke.

    Schools have become nothing but daycare centers for piles of feces little puke invading swine, white trash and apes.

  12. pfwag says:

    What is the additional costs for accommodating teaching students in 42 different languages?

    • Irene Hinesman says:

      My local school had to hire a full-time ESL teacher and more tutors. That means 1 less classroom, 1 less teacher for all the other children, and more headaches for teachers to deal with in the other classrooms. In no way could I encourage anyone to become a teacher. I taught for 30 years but there has been too negative changes.

      • DP says:


    • Al Terego says:

      And why should AMERICANS have to spend it? Absolutely no other nation on the PLANET would.

      • ObJoeB says:

        A lot. This high school is used by the Buffalo school district for students learning English as a 2nd language. That explains the high number of languages for only 580 students. Would help if the article mentioned that…and why the heck are they in Buffalo?? Put them there hoping the weather will drive them back home?

    • Irene Hinesman says:

      Pretty pricey… $85,000 or more when you add in benefits. A school building only has so much room to fit in a new teacher so the music teacher or the art teacher ends up in a broom closet. I have personally seen this happen. If it’s the middle school then 1 team of teachers will end up with the ESL students due to scheduling and other resources. You are now taking a team that already had children with challenges and taking time and resources from those students. If you teach a class like computer technology then you can have 3 ESL students and 3 non-readers in a class of 25.

  13. ounceoflogic says:

    The headline is about language. The one and only student featured in the article appears to speak fluent English. Pardon my ignorance but shouldn’t there be a relationship between the two?

  14. Yuvodka Sharice says:

    Get back to work citizens. Millions and millions of piles of feces puke invading swine retaaard anchor babies and their fameeeelias rely on your for their free zhit. Millions more on the way!


    Tower of Babble

  16. Letonqua says:

    Ahhhhh how touching. Another touchy feely sensitive tolerant little story about how great it is to have the country overtaken the third world. Doesn’t have anything to do with languages. Whoever wrote this needs to go back to commuuuuunity college and write their propaganda garbage there.

  17. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    How cultural.

  18. JJCULLEN says:

    Gee! A bantu learns to swim, point him toward Africa

  19. Letonqua says:

    But some of them don’t have maps in the Iraq. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww

  20. jrg dds says:

    It’s Babylon. Isn’t diversity great?

  21. CharlieTX says:

    Time to get real. Require a level of English equivalent to whatever grade they are in BEFORE they are allowed to start regular classes. English classes for all levels should start immediately, begin at 8 am and run until 5 pm with a short morning, afternoon break plus a half hour for lunch.

    • Irene Hinesman says:

      As a retired teacher and child of immigrants, I fully agree. My oldest brother was born in a German DP camp and came here when he was 5. He went to a special school to learn English and then transitioned to a regular school. I have had non-Enish speaking students and if they are smart, highly motivated with parental involvement then they can make it in a regular room with additional tutors but the illegals and refugees are not the children of business people, university professors, and doctors. They are born to parents who are illiterate in their own languages and come a culture of poverty , illiteracy and crime. Wow that sounds like Detroit.

    • ObJoeB says:

      This is a school for kids learning English. Among several other things, that bit of info would improve this article.
      I agree with you.

  22. Stacey-Tony Ascaso says:

    So much bandwidth, so little imagination. J-School just is not what it used to be. More about political indoctrination than writing.

  23. Azarkhan says:

    Just one more reason why American public schools s*ck.

  24. tk says:

    Now they have to have special teachers that speak all 42 languages, and you wonder why little Johnny can’t read….YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

  25. Alphonsus_Jr says:

    So many white ethnomasochists–from liberals to cuckservatives–celebrate the suicidal xenophilia destroying this country. Truly pathetic. Such a far cry from the description found in Federalist No. 2.

    • twinspeedr says:

      I see you’ve made up some new words for us. It’s best to confine that kind of activity to Art class. However, what you really need to do is understand mankind’s nature and how civil society actually works IN REALITY. Truly naive.

      • Alphonsus_Jr says:

        In other words, you’re either a third-worlder or, sadly but more likely, yet another white ethnomasochist oikophobe infected with pathological xenophilia. That’s all you had to say. If the latter, and if you also claim to be a conservative, it’s imperative that you go to Vdare and search for this:

        Cuckservatism: The Cuckoo In The Conservative Movement’s Nest

        Then go to Amren and search for Jared Taylor’s great An Open Letter to Cuckservatives. Read this a thousand times.

  26. cleo48 says:

    If this is the kind of chaos that NY voters want to permit in their schools, that’s THEIR problem. THEY can pay for it. Go ahead and spend a fortune filling the place with interpreters while keeping these children in helpless ignorance. THAT’S the progressive way.

  27. fspiceland says:

    42 languages? I’m fluent in English, and know just enough French to buy a baguette in Paris. They have brilliant minds to manage that many languages.

    • twinspeedr says:

      They don’t manage them, that school is a nightmare as far as actual learning goes, guaranteed. They are trying to get people to think they can manage 42 languages. This is just bad propaganda. Read my post above about the ingredients for a cohesive civil society…

  28. Rooby Doo says:

    And probably 40 of them are languages from third world countries. I doubt there’s a whole lot of French or Italian.

  29. ac287149 says:

    Is one of them English?

    What cognitive dissonance! I read the title and then read the article.
    Did you know that the entire article is about a Somali kid who learned how to swim and made it into a swim team?

  30. Ranger_Ric says:

    Quota team member.

  31. jmoke says:

    When I get into power these 42 little mongrels shall be deported.

  32. Al Terego says:

    So much for “assimilation”.

  33. randalusa says:

    They destroyed America. We are only now going through the process of acknowledging what has occurred and entering the phase of grieving. Please have a look at a youtube upload called, “Time for Christians and conservatives to shut up, stop pretending to care.” It will help explain how we got here.

  34. ChangeThis says:

    Buh Bye America, it was good while it lasted.

  35. Wallythedog says:

    The article is about a kid that didn’t know how to swim and in short order made the swim team. The headline is BS!

  36. MichMike says:

    Yes, the folks that tell us over and over how they care and that only they care about education (an outright lie in every regard) have WILLFULLY forced our school systems to divert large sums of resources to deal with a problem they mostly WILLFULLY created. Evil to the core.

  37. jpaq68 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    I’m sure that English has been deemed as an “offensive” language and banned in this school.

  38. ThisChick says:

    So, the title of this article is about how 580 students speak 42 languages, but the content of the article is about a Somalian boy who didn’t know how to swim and now does. My goodness, journalism is dead. I am so over this stupid media.

  39. Juan Martinez says:

    English,folks,English…This is how AMERICA loses her identity,by failing to prevent the SOCIALIST MARXIST PROGRESSIVE OBAMA agenda.

  40. tgcrawford says:

    What an accomplishment. The tower of Babel, reborn.

  41. OPERATOR147 says:

    “580 students speak 42 languages at Buffalo, NY high school”–headline

    The entire article was about the Somali student who learned to swim. That’s his education? Swimming?
    What’s the kid going to do with the swimming lessons? Put a bomb under his bathing cap and blow up ships? The poem “The Snake” comes to mind.

    Christianity is a minority religion in Somalia, with no more than 1,000 practitioners (about 0.01% of the population).[9] According to estimates of the Diocese of Mogadishu (the territory of which coincides with the country) there were only about 100 Catholic practitioners in Somalia in 2004.[10]–wikipedia

  42. ObJoeB says:

    1) Completely misleading headline.
    2) How does a high school of only 580 students come to have 42 different languages spoken?

    Answer: This high school serves as home to many Buffalo area high school students learning English. (A quick internet search finds that out)

  43. Founders1791 says:

    The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves at such a thought!

    “Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us, instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs any more than they can acquire our complexion?” – Benjamin Franklin, 1751

    “Suppose 20 millions of republican Americans, thrown all of a sudden into France, what would be the condition of that kingdom? If it would be more turbulent, less happy, less strong, we may believe that the addition of half a million of foreigners, to our present numbers, would produce a similar effect here.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1781

    “To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country… would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.” – Alexander Hamilton 1802

  44. This is doomed to fail – by design.

    Welcome to Obola’s America.

  45. What does this country get out of importing millions from every Third World Hellhole on Earth?

    It’s suicidal insanity, led by the Left and unopposed by the spineless Right.

    • John Wayne says:

      we see what third world parasites have done to their home countries yet OUR politicians insist on importing millions of savages from failed societies and kowtowing to their needs and cultures instead of insisting they assimilate.

    • Luther says:

      Libs and minorities have sort of a cargo cult mentality. If they take over the trappings of a government that mainly reflects the Anglo-American culture of the Founding Fathers through majority-minority representation, they will defeat the white privilege that is holding them down and enjoy the wealth, freedom, and prosperity of America themselves, magically overcoming their own corrupt, violent, third world cultures.

  46. John Wayne says:

    amazing how strong cutting off heads and stoning women can make you.

  47. jas says:

    So 1 rape/murder/mugging thwarted with a gun is enough to get regressives to stfu, right? Good.

  48. borninmombasa says:

    Quick take a guess what the public high school graduation rate is in NYC (yes all 5 boroughs combined). of 100 kids who enter the public high school system how many will graduate ? 11% percent ! For every 100 kids who enter 11 will get passed along and eventually graduate .Name another industry with a failure rate like that ? Now tell me what the other 89% are going to do for the rest of their lives ? other than vote for Democrats

  49. ExposeDEMLiars says:

    The only way to truly help people is to help them help themselves. The key here is to help them HELP THEMSELVES.

    If people aren’t willing to put forth the effort to learn English, then there isn’t anything we should be expected to do.

    • John Wayne says:

      why would third world parasites with inferior intelligence, morals and ethics want to help themselves when they can get you and I to pay for them? They can’t compete with Americans so they support whomever promises them something for nothing.

      • ExposeDEMLiars says:

        There will always be people that take whatever they can without doing anything for themselves. What I am talking about is the policy makers who should know better. If you really want to help people, the ONLY way of doing that is to teach them to help themselves. If they aren’t willing to put forth any effort, then that is their decision. If a student doesn’t know English, we should provide English speaking courses first. All other subjects should be in English alone. Of course I am also assuming they are American citizens, cause if not, we have no obligation to spend tax payer dollars on their selfishness

  50. sukietawdry says:

    I gather the author thinks having 42 different languages spoken in one high school is a good thing since it’s his lede in a story about swimming. How multi-cultural of him.

  51. Right-wing Realist says:

    Just a reminder that Ben Franklin’s biggest fear for the American republic was that we would become a nation of “squabbling nationalities”. Well guess what: we created his nightmare. Is it any wonder America is going down hill?

    Another fun fact: Multiculturalism is a marxist idea. It was deemed necessary to implement in western civilization in order for communist ideas to be accepted. (Divide and conquer technique)

  52. Radical right-winger says:

    Liberalism a disease that is very costly. Unfortuneately the rest of us pay for it

  53. EbolaJenkins says:

    No wonder we aren’t learning anything… They spend the whole school day trying to shuffle-around translators…

  54. XSANDIEGOCA says:

    The native American students are largely ignored in this Tower of Babel. Best to pull your kid out and spend that college money on a private prep school where they speak English.

  55. Francis Xavier says:

    Must have a good linguistic program if they can teach the kids 42 different languages.
    Our ancestors established ethnic religious communities and social societies to help each other out in learning English and in helping them get jobs and Naturalization. They also knew that it was the school age children’s responsibility to bring the language home to the rest of the family.

  56. stronmness says:

    is Ebonics one of those languages?

  57. HappyGuy says:

    Being able to say “hello” in 42 different languages does not entitle you to claim that you speak 42 different languages. #PublicSchoolNonsense.

  58. LiberalismIsASocialDisease says:

    And, they ALL should learn English. My parents came here and learned English to be productive in society. Government and society CANNOT afford to accomodate EVERY little dialect and language in the world.

  59. joan wilson says:

    They should all be speaking one language, the English language. If they do not want to learn then they need to go home.

    • Laurence Gordon says:

      Sure we can all speak English. I don’t think anyone is criticizing a lack of English learning.

  60. ThomasA says:

    “Never have swum?” I guess the languages not spoken in New Jersey includes English.

  61. D' says:

    Another failed liberal experiment………..

  62. PMC says:

    Any chance he could swim all the way back to Somalia?

  63. jayla says:

    He should probably spend less time in the pool and a lot more time mastering English based on these quotes.

  64. George Fuller says:

    Ain’t diversity great?

  65. Harold says:

    “580 students speak 42 languages at Buffalo, NY high school”

    And THAT is one of the things GREATLY wrong with America!

    We WERE a successful CULTURE because of a commonality. We WERE mostly a euro/mediteranian OR judeo/Christian [even the atheists!] culture! There WAS a typical American CHARACTER! It no longer exists.

    #1 BECAUSE “580 students speak 42 languages at Buffalo, NY high school!”

    #2 BECAUSE of the WILLFUL [it was done on purpose!!!] dumbing down of American education!

    Multiculturalism & “diversity” are FOOLS goals! Especially !!! when they exclude the northern & “european” / mediteranian, judeo / Christian CHARACTER!

    It’s the CHARACTER stupid!!!

  66. Doug Day says:

    He’s much, much, better than the rest, especially those drab, dreary, pedestrian white guys.

  67. dareisay says:

    Hey what about all the languages? Pfft!

  68. libertarian4freedom says:

    580 students speak 42 languages at Buffalo, NY high school….
    so what?
    NY city probably speaks well over …500 languages….big deal….
    what would be extraordinary is……1 student who can speak over 42 language.
    then I wouldn’t feel like the ny city educational system is useless as it is now.

  69. Verbotene Gedanken says:

    If a software developer suggested that 42 different languages be used on one project…. they’d fit that nutball with a jacket with arms that tie in the back….

  70. libertarian4freedom says:

    too bad they aren’t required to speak the one Americans understand….English.

  71. dkag7 says:

    …and not one of them English?

    press #42 for English

  72. cntrlfrk says:

    Let me guess, the first thing they are taught to say in English is: ‘Gimmedat!’


  73. haode says:

    that’s truly impressive.

    any pupil that can speak more than the usual 6 to be proclaimed a polyglot is amazing. but over 500 that can speak all those languages is phenomenal.

  74. Mark Sellers says:

    Hey Victor … the title should have been “Hey clueless, read this”

  75. roasting says:

    the tower off Babel was never completed

  76. Klee Irwin says:

    Global Climate Change has made the water in Buffalo more buoyant allowing even novice swimmers to make the swim team !!! This is an awesome side effect of Global Warming!

  77. VinceR says:

    I guess they don’t teach English at this school.

  78. Onceler's Revenge says:

    how come this isnt happening in saudi arabia, iran, japan, china, russia, or elsewhere? are they all racist, xenophobic bigots!? or are the white, western democracies the only ones expected to commit suicide, or its racist?

  79. ImaHippyBurning says:

    I’ sincerely happy for this kid, but Good God who the Fvck writes a headline involving 580 students speaking 42 Languages and not make reference to it anywhere in the subject matter? The Leftist illiterati That’s Who!!!

  80. josetoyou says:

    This and open borders are the beginning of the collapse of our culture and country…

  81. Giorgio Palmas says:

    Do any of them speak English?

  82. Beckwith says:

    The melting pot has become a buffet.

  83. mikeman says:

    How many of the 580 are getting welfare? This is obama’s fundamental change in a nutshell.

  84. Todd Brown says:

    Stop the invasion my fellow infidels.
    Time to take OUR country back.

  85. Ranch says:


  86. Alan Towson says:

    Swimming is important. That’s great. Limited English, but she’ll learn fast.

  87. DieHillaryDieAThousandDeaths says:

    WTF is this article about anyway?

  88. Peter913 says:

    So, how many languages can they read as well as English?

  89. JOHN T. FOX says:


  90. firedup49 says:

    there is an old saying
    When in Rome do as the Romans, When in America speak English

  91. honestynow says:

    Imagine the cost for translators alone…..English as a second language (ESL) services, special needs programs, free breakfasts/lunches, etc., etc. etc.

  92. midia says:

    They are speaking English in class, right? As long as they learn and speak English with their teachers then that isn’t a problem. If the implication is that they are illegal and it is true, then they have to shipped back. If the teachers have to learn 42 languages or if the school district has to hire language interpreters, then get a new schoolboard and require ONLY English.

  93. Roberta says:

    What a poorly written story.

  94. Guest says:

    They should master English, our national language first, and how to add, subtract and multiply, so they can make change without a computer doing it for them.

    • Nick says:

      A: The US does not have an official language. That said, it is in the student’s best interests to learn English, as it is hard to get a job other than in the service industry without it.

      B: if you’re going to require foreigners to master the language, you should proofread your posts.

      • Guest says:

        A: I wasn’t posting for foreigners. I was referring to what is left of Legal American young men and women. We still have some of them don’t we?

  95. Dan says:

    Sounds like the “Tower of Babble”. How about a really simple solution: “…Speak English or get the F out…”

  96. JimmyMac6778 says:

    They all know the 2 required English Phrases to advance to the next grade: “Love Obama” and “Vote Democrat”.

  97. Hoax & Chains! says:

    The catastrophe wrought by leftist Dhimmicrats & Rinos. No good can come of importing massive amounts of people from backward third world cultures in such large numbers that they’llnever assimilate and most of whom are hostile to tolerant Western open Judeo Christian socieites. It’s all done in an attempt to destroy everything that made America great!

  98. RegisteredDemocrat says:

    Speaking English in this school is probably offensive and thus should be banned. We need to put fourth more effort in teaching in their native languages to make them feel more welcome.

  99. KDW says:

    They speak forty-two languages? That means they can form forty-two different tribes! (Africa, the Dark Continent, has over 1000 tribes. That’s why they’re always trying to kill one another.) Read “Human (D) Evolution: The Origin of Our Left-wing Species,” by John Hayberry. Right now, you can get it on sale at Amazon. It’s the book with the puppet on the cover. (Liberals hate it.)

  100. bigpinch says:

    Requiring any of them to learn English as a condition of graduation would be R-A-C-I-S-T.

  101. oldsarge38 says:

    Teach in English!! Insist English be spoken in classes!!! Test in English!

  102. taek1 says:

    The only language they do NOT SPEAK is the King’s English.

    • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified says:

      aek1 The Funkenstein • 3 days ago

      taek1 The Funkenstein • 5 hours ago

      taek1 The Funkenstein • in a few second

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    • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified says:

      why all the ID’s?

      • taek1 says:




        • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified says:

          why so mad?

          • taek1 says:




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          • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified says:


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            taek1 The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified • 2 hours ago




  103. Mason says:

    How about assimilation and the learning of English.

  104. Clover11111 says:

    Actually, they are trying here to fight a stereotype that blacks hate water and can’t swim, despite the fact that school system requires at least a year of swimming in all of its schools with pools and has for decades. That a kid also went out for the swim team is good for him, but the school and the school system should be ashamed that they are using him to advance their own agendas. .

  105. romanimal says:

    what’s wrong with speaking multiple languages?

  106. ShrinkTheState says:

    This is not to be celebrated. Catering to multiple languages is a prescription for national disintegration. People who immigrate here MUST learn to speak English fluently as an American. It’s great to be multi-lingual but the operative language int his country is English and rue the day we begin to accept multiple languages.

  107. caesar says:

    Third world country! Last time I checked English was the language of AMERIKA!

  108. Mike Alan says:

    Great, the kid learned to swim. Why are we spending money to educate kids in 42 languages? Let them stay in their own country and learn in their own language

  109. Squiggy says:

    I wonder what the grade-point-average is at this wonderful multicultural center of learning. I’m sure it’s way up there.


  110. Tommy boy says:

    The Fed keeps printing money to pay for this, but time is running out as the Stock Market is tanking yet again. This time the dollar will tank with it. That Dollar Bill won’t be good for much other than toilet paper next year.

  111. Janet Noll says:

    Who teaches them? Do you have 42 different language speaking teachers? Who teaches our American English speaking students, probably no one. WE are now second class citizens in our own country.

  112. the3rdmanhearsall says:

    not diversity…just Babel

  113. SlicedBread says:

    What did the languages crap have to do with the rest of the article?

  114. 0hioAnon says:

    Either tell them to speak English or abuse them until they get the message. Also, why is this a story about blacks not swimming? Shame it didn’t drown, I would have laughed.

  115. JohnWolf says:

    They should be in English classes

  116. PigEaseDotCom says:

    And the one word that transcends all their dialects?


  117. JohnWolf says:

    Obama and Hillary do good work

    Thousands of Democrats are turning Republican

  118. JohnWolf says:

    Legal Immigrants must learn English

    Illegals, not so much.
    They are just a burden on society

  119. JohnWolf says:

    I wonder is there is a connection, between the number of rapes and Muslims?

  120. perry dice says:

    being able to speak 42 different langs is as useless as being a tv & radio repairman. this is what your tax $ is blown on?? its no wonder kids need to go to college & adults are considered kids into their 30s by govt standards…

  121. mickrussom says:

    19T in debt. 95 million not in workforce. Deficits. Stocks imploding. Money printing. Open borders. The Religion of ‘Peace’ out of control and on a warpath. Europe in collapse. Debt to income ratios exploding. Rents rising way faster than income. And this government keeps the border open and lets this rubbish continue.

  122. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    As if Buffalo weren’t Hell on Earth already…

  123. LeadFromBehind says:

    I’ll bet they all “graduate” as ill educated morons and get shuttled into the DNC welfare junkie program. Except that New York has been bankrupted by Democrats & Unions and will need a bailout from the Federal Government, except that our Federal Government is $20 trillion dollars in debt.

    Welcome to Ovomit’s fundamentally transformed “Progressive” America.

  124. Tim Z says:

    Anyone else come to this site for the comments?

  125. Ronald Hicks says:

    Math is a language and English is a language. I speak, read, and write both therefore I am bilingual. I rest my case 🙂

  126. twistin says:

    America. The new Tower of Babel.

  127. kungfubarbeque says:

    what seems to be lost in the comments below is the high cost of these illegal immigrants to the taxpayer. the schools are hiring many translators at huge cost to help educate these non english speaking students. and as your taxes escalate to unreasonable levels for the cost of accommodating them plus the greedy teachers unions foreclosures especially for seniors on fixed income go up by leaps and bounds. in my state we are seeing an annual tax related foreclosure rate of 10,000 homes per year. because you never own your home even if it’s paid for because of your servitude to the government controlled by the teachers unions and unaccountable school boards ability to raise your school taxes at will

  128. DontListenToTheStupid says:

    Right wingnut Clickbait alert!!!

    Stupidest headline for a ‘news” article I’ve seen in a long while