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Michigan union supports teacher merit pay system

By Victor Skinner

MARRYSVILLE, Mich. – District and union officials in Michigan’s St. Clair Intermediate School District have worked out a new merit-based pay system that will give provide higher pay for effective teachers and freeze salaries for poor ones.
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Is New Jersey’s education reform bill enough?

By Ben Velderman

TRENTON, N.J. – Will he or won’t he?

That’s what New Jersey’s education reformers are wondering as they await Gov. Chris Christie’s decision about whether or not to sign a new teacher tenure reform bill that recently breezed through the state’s legislature.
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Chicago Teachers Union: Huge raise not attainable

By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union was derided earlier this year when the public learned it was demanding a 30% raise for teachers, including 24% in the first year. Given the current economic conditions and financial state of the school district, most people saw the union as out-of-touch and downright nuts.
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