LONGWOOD, Fla. – A Florida 12-year-old was arrested and hauled to juvenile detention after she pinched a classmate’s butt at school.

schoolpincherBreana Evans now faces a charge of misdemeanor battery after the student’s mother urged prosecution, and the girl and her father think the whole ordeal is ridiculous, ABC 7 reports.

“It is just a joke,” Evans said. “I feel like it’s just stupid, just a stupid charge that shouldn’t have to happen.”

Evans told WFTV she was suspended from Milwee Middle School for playing a “game” March 15 that involved pinching other students, an act the school deemed “socially unacceptable.”

“I was by the officer and we just pinching random people, that’s it,” she said.

Evans’ student victim was not injured, and told officials he didn’t want Evans to face criminal charges. But the next day the boy’s mother insisted that police charge Evans with a crime, and they did.

The teen was arrested, read her Miranda Rights, and hauled to a juvenile detention center, where she was fingerprinted and booked into the system. Evans’ father, Ray Evan, described the punishment as “extreme” and “crazy,” according to the news site.

“I can see her being suspended from school, I understand that, but as far as them coming to arrest her the next day, no, that’s not the American way,” Ray Evans said.

“Lord what has this world come to?” he told ABC 7. “Kids can’t even be a kid.”

Evans said she learned “not to touch anyone, leave your hands to yourself,” but will now be forced to complete a three month diversion program to get the criminal charge expunged from her record. The program involves classes and community service, WFTV reports.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. I pinched the boy’s butt,” Evans said. “I didn’t like hurt him or anything.”

Her father said the student wasn’t injured, and the reaction from the boy’s mother is overboard.

“She didn’t hurt the kid. It ain’t like she beat him up or attacked him or anything, it’s just BS,” he said.

WFTV attempted to track down the boy and his mother involved in the incident, but public record does not disclose the alleged victim’s name.

“All I can say for you, lady, is you need some help I think,” Ray Evans said of the boy’s mother. “Too overprotective.”

Folks who commented about the situation online certainly agree.

“This mother needs a reality check!” Orange Crush wrote. “PC overload!”

“Who needs the reality check is the system that allowed the mother to press charges,” METSFAN replied.

“The boy’s parents should be suspended from the human race,” bobbeo wrote. “I guess kids can’t make mistakes like the parents did without making the 5 p.m. news anymore.”